Cardiovascular Research is one of the pillars upon which the GW Heart & Vascular Institute was founded.

The Institute’s founders envision a center that harnesses the tremendous resources of George Washington University to produce innovative, ground-breaking research breakthroughs that will –

  • accelerate the pace of scientific discovery,
  • reduce mortality from heart and vascular disease, and
  • improve the quality of life of Americans with cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular research at the GW Heart & Vascular Institute is led by our team of cardiologists in partnership with cross-disciplinary teams at the George Washington University, including biomedical engineering, biochemistry and molecular biology, pharmacology and genomic medicine, endocrinology and the Milken Institute School of Public Health. Our physicians, scientists, medical students, residents and cardiology fellows investigate methods to prevent and improve treatment of heart and vascular disease as well as comorbidities contributing to these diseases. No research conducted in association with the Institute will exist in a vacuum; it will interface with the health policy experts, educators and community leaders to ensure that new findings are conveyed into changes in public policy, patient education, physician training, and health care systems.